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CAM is an Objective One success story. It launched 5 years ago because of three facts:

1) Cornwall's creative industries make up 5% of its economy (more than agriculture and marine combined)

2) It is widely recognised by many including the Department for Culture Media and Sport that poor marketing is the main barrier to growth in this sector

3) Only 1% of the UK population are aware of Cornwall's association with the arts despite the huge proliferation of creative activity that occurs in Cornwall.

CAM made the case that by marketing its excellent and relatively unknown creative product, the arts could be harnessed to generate economic benefits for Cornwall. Fortunately the Objective One programme agreed. That phase of the project ended in 2004, having:

The programme worked with a group of 50 partners. Half of the investment of time and money was spend on improving the partners' own marketing including input into their product. The other half was spent on generating campaigns on behalf of the sector. The partners that were involved included Kneehigh Theatre, Hall for Cornwall and Newlyn Art Gallery. The clearest example of success in working on individual organisations own campaigns was the Eden Project which CAM partnered to deliver the Eden Sessions, a brand new strand of activity which attracted a new and much needed audience and which is now able to sustain itself without CAM's financial support. Examples of the overall campaigns include a series of supplements in the Guardian newspaper which celebrated Cornish cultural excellence and an installation of Kurt Jackson's images at Paddington which were seen by 500k people a week for 8 months.

July 2005 saw the launch of the next phase of CAM's work, a project called Cornwall Cultural Marketing. We have broadened the partnership to include a wider array of cultural organisations, importantly to include heritage. The reason this is important is that Cornwall is currently bidding to have its industrial heritage recognized in UNESCO's World Heritage Site programme, and will know if it has been successful in Summer 2006. Partners will include the World Heritage Site office as well as individual heritage sites like Geevor and the China Clay and Country Park (at Wheal Martyn). This phase of the programme will adopt the same model as before: bottom up work with partners on their own marketing activity and top down campaigns which will benefit the whole partnership as well as the wider sector.

It remains CAM's ambition to lever the marketing potential of the cultural sector to have the widest possible positive effect for Cornwall: attracting new businesses, improving Cornwall's image, creating external markets for creative producers, contributing to the establishment of a knowledge economy.

The idea of campaigning for a new Region of Culture designation has come about as a result of Creative Kernow's think tank on cultural strategy for Cornwall Strategic Partnership. Cornwall Arts Marketing is the body that is taking forward the idea on behalf of the creative industries sector in Cornwall. The Region of Culture will become an outcome for the new Local Area Agreement in 2007 and the current thinking is that Region of Culture will provide a key framework for post-2006 Convergence planning for Cornwall's Creative Industries sector (Read more). A Region of Culture board will be appointed on 25th April and meet for the first time on the 27th. It will be this group that devises a work plan to progress the Region of Culture campaign over the coming years.

If you would like to get involved please call on 01209 215583 or email on Cam or write to: CAM, the Old Grammar School, West Park, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 3AJ